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*-Users: First release of the Asteriskguru Operator Panel

Author: Matt Riddell
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Zoa has posted details of the initial release of the Asteriskguru Operator Panel:

I'm proud to announce the first version (early alpha) of the asteriskguru operator panel, (finally!)

Its available for download on :

No documentation is available yet. (working on that, it will be available later on the same url).


  • Support for multiple servers.
  • Optimized for speed (and big installations with a large number of peers / calls).
  • Monitor IAX2 and SIP peers status.
  • Monitor multiple channels per peer.
  • Monitor ZAP channels status.
  • Monitor Queues, Agents and Parked calls.
  • Assigning peers to Queue with Drag&drop and removing them with context menu.
  • Originating calls between the peers with Drag&Drop.
  • Transfering channels between the peers with Drag&Drop.
  • Transfering channels to a ZAP channel(external lines).
  • Full peer info on tooltip(hint)
  • Full queue info on tooltip
  • Queue membership per peer on tooltip
  • Hangup channels.
  • Automatic monitoring of calls.
  • Queue usage chart
  • Customizable colors / panel size..
  • Customizable view of the peers (e.g. all, active, registered and favorites.)
  • ...
Please post all comments, features requests etc on



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