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Iaxclient-devel: IAX Phone Pro Beta - New Version Available

Author: Matt Riddell
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Steven Sokol has posted detail of the latest release of the Pro version of their IAX Phone:

New Beta Version - Beta Extended

A new version of IAX Phone Pro Beta is available. A few bugs have been fixed and the beta has been extended until October 12, 2005 (the date of AstriCon 2005). You can download either a new install (be sure to un-install the old version) or just a new binary.

IAX Phone Pro Features

  • Dial/answer/hold/recall/reject
  • Multi-number advanced speed dial.
  • Standard and innovative "Tool Bar" skins.
  • Handles "iax:", "sip:" and "tel:" URLs
  • Integrated web browser for "co-browsing"
  • Integrated call recording and playback.
  • Advanced phone book with CSV import.
  • Advanced call log with CSV export.
  • Speaker Phone
  • Audio mute.
  • Auto answer.
  • Intercom calling with password.
  • Multi-server registration.
  • Audio Codecs: uLaw, aLaw, GSM, iLBC, Speex.
  • Server-by-server codec setting.
  • Call statistics.
  • Local or server-side call forwarding.
  • Local or server-side do-not-disturb.
  • TAPI integration for Outlook, ACT, Goldmine, etc.
  • Direct IP to IP calling
  • Dial by IAX or SIP URI (URL)
Try Out Phone URI/URL Dialing

IAX Phone Pro supports the ability to handle telephony URIs (links). This feature is great for call centers or web-based contact management solutions. When you install the phone, it configures your copy of Windows to pass all links marked as "iax:", "sip:", or "tel:" to IAX Phone Pro. IAX Phone then does its best to place a call to the destination number.

You can create these links by using the iax, sip and tel URI schemes. Simply use the following examples as a guide:

<a href="">Call Ipsando HQ</a>
<a href="tel:1000">Call Extension 1000</a>
<a href="tel:18005551212">800 Directory Information (US Only)</a>
<a href="">Olle Johansson over SIP (requires the SIP-Over-IAX)</a>

IAX and SIP accept IAX or SIP URIs respectively. TEL allows you to enter any extension or dialable number. Note that your browser /may/ ask you to authorize each of the URI types (iax, sip, and tel) the first time you click on them. You must select OK in order for the calls to go through.

Download IAX Phone Pro

Steven Sokol
Sokol & Associates, LLC

Ask Me About AstriCon 2005!


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