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Author: Matt Riddell
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Duane has posted details of some additions to the e164 enum site:

For a long time now we've allowed people to publish a wide variety of URI against their enum records such as SIP/IAX2/H323 for VoIP and other types for non-VoIP such as HTTP/MAILTO etc.

For the most part these record types aren't listed or aren't utilised so I've done up a quick hack for firefox users as a proof of concept and I'm hoping others will take advantage of this and use enum.164 records more widely.

If you go to our main website you will see a paragraph and a link under "Latest News" which if you click on it will load a new search engine in the top right drop down, from there you can change to the enum.164 to website and enter your phone number and if you have any http records it will redirect your connection to the first priority.

This could be expanded to a whois type listing where you see all websites/emails/other contact types and you can pick and choose which site you get redirected to.

Due to request we've also added an additional record type to the system so people can list their GPG finger prints, and we're trying to work out the best way to list a postal/physical address this way people really could end up listing their name and a single number on a business card and all the other information can be referenced from our DNS zone.


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