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*-biz: IAX Phone Pro - Open Beta Test

Author: Matt Riddell
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Steven Sokol has posted details of a new IAX Softphone based on IAX Phone but completely rewritten:

IAX Phone Pro - Open Beta Test

Sokol & Associates is pleased to announce an open beta test of the new IAX Phone Pro. IAX Phone Pro is a professional grade IAX soft phone designed for use with the Asterisk open source PBX.

Among the new and improved features:

  • Dial/answer/hold/recall/reject
  • Multi-number advanced speed dial.
  • Standard and innovative "Tool Bar" skins.
  • Handles "iax:", "sip:" and "tel:" URLs
  • Integrated web browser for "co-browsing"
  • Integrated call recording and playback.
  • Advanced phone book with CSV import.
  • Advanced call log with CSV export.
  • Speaker Phone
  • Audio mute.
  • Auto answer.
  • Intercom calling with password.
  • Multi-server registration.
  • Audio Codecs: uLaw, aLaw, GSM, iLBC, Speex.
  • Server-by-server codec setting.
  • Call statistics.
  • Local or server-side call forwarding.
  • Local or server-side do-not-disturb.
  • TAPI integration for Outlook, ACT, Goldmine, etc.
  • Direct IP to IP calling
  • Dial by IAX or SIP URI (URL)
This is a time-limited version of the full product. Some features which are still under development have been disabled. Updates will be provided as those features are implemented. Please download the phone and let us know what you think.

IAX Phone currently supports the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. A Mac OS X system may be developed depending on interest.


To see a live demo of IAX Phone Pro, drop by the Ipsando booth at AstriCon Europe!

Steven Sokol


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