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AstLinux now available for testing (includes ISDN/BRI)

Author: Matt Riddell
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Kristian Kielhofner has posted details of the pre-release of what will become 0.2.6 of AstLinux:

Hello everyone,

AstLinux is now available for testing. This is a pre-release of what will hopefully become 0.2.6. A mini-changelog follows:

  • Kernel
  • SMP support
  • hyperthreading
  • SATA disks
  • Parallel port (to use as print server)
  • ALL Digium modules (with ZAPATA_NET & PPP) (including wctdm)
  • sethdlc
  • Asterisk runs pre-empted with -p
  • even COOLER web GUI!
  • ISDN/BRI support (via mISDN and chan_isdn) --- PLEASE TEST ---
  • Dozens of fixes/improvements to various scripts
  • /tmp tmpfs is now a maximim of 10mb
  • start crond by default
  • astback backup script
  • support for using /dev/hda3 (run from one CF) as a keydisk. Updates to grub.conf and genkd.
  • much, much more
Okay, the big stuff here is the move to 2.6 and ISDN/BRI support. These both need to be thoroughly tested, as I have not tested mISDN one bit - I still have not received my hardware... :( Soekris Users: Please test the Net4801 with as many switches/cables as possible. I stil don't trust natsemi (the default 2.6 ethernet driver for the NS83816 chips).

  • The web GUI's status page is useless. Just because it says down does not mean the process is down...
  • The backup button is broken.
  • DO NOT RUN ASTUP once you have flashed. PERIOD. You will end up being between stable and testing. DO NOT RUN ASTUP!!!!
  • You can not get to by running astup from previous version of AstLinux. I will try to fix this by 0.2.6.
  • Traffic shaping seems to be goofy.
  • Booting from USB is not working. Does anyone know how to get this to work in 2.6? I have tried every patch that I could find, no such luck...
  • An ISO image is not included in this pre-release.
  • I had to remove the following:
    -- probably more, I lost my notes for the time being---
  • Please note that the names of some modules have changed. This is a result of the 2.6 kernel.
This software will be included in the "optional" AstLinux package, when I finish that. The main purpose of this "release" is to test the 2.6 kernel and ISDN. There are a lot of things missing/broken. That's why it's not 0.2.6!!!

How to use ISDN (my best guess, because I never have):

1) Look over /stat/etc/rc.conf. This contains many new variables. If you have been using a keydisk, copy /stat/etc/misdn.conf to /etc/asterisk

2) edit /etc/asterisk/misdn.conf

3) edit /etc/rc.conf to specify the correct ISDN_MODPROBE line for your hardware. Please see the great docs at card_installation_guide_en.pdf

Test away!!!

Sorry for the messy formatting/spelling, but it is 5am here and I can't take much more of this!!! ;)

Go over this and read it three more times and then use these links to download:


If you use any of the following hardware, I would like to hear from you:
  • Digium hardware
  • Sangoma hardware
  • ISDN hardware

Kristian Kielhofner


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