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*-Users: Asterisk Installation CD set. with 24/7 monitoring

Author: Matt Riddell
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Paul Mahler of has posted a note to the Asterisk-Users list on a new commercial Asterisk CD Set:

Here's our recent announcement of our new Asterisk Installation CD set:

Signate has announced its new Asterisk Installation 2005 CD Set. It's, a complete software PBX (private branch exchange) telephony appliance in a single package. The CD set installs Linux pre-configured for telephony, a stable 1.0x distribution of the open source Asterisk PBX, and Signate's optional, free PBX monitoring.

When Signate's Asterisk Installation 2005 CD set is loaded onto a PC with an internet or PSTN telephone connection, it creates a running VoIP PBX ready for configuration in about twenty minutes.

SigMON, Signate's included PBX monitoring software, helps keep the PBX running. SigMON monitors about 20 different conditions on the PBX and sends alerts if a condition needs to be attended to. Monitored conditions range from hardware conditions such as available disk space and CPU utilization, software conditions such as whether the PBX is running, and telephony conditions such the state of connections to telecommunications providers. One instance of Signate’s PBX monitoring service is free for the PBX created by a Signate Asterisk Installation 2005 CD set.

Signate’s VoIP Telephony with Asterisk Book and CD Set is $89.95 and Signate's Asterisk Installation 2005 CD is $49.95. They are available at Amazon, Signate or Ebay.

Paul Mahler


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