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SineAsterPanel Needs Beta Testers

Author: Matt Riddell
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We developed a Manager based interface for Asterisk a few months ago, and now need beta testers before releasing it (GPL).

It's pretty similar to some other programs out there at the moment (I.E. Flash Operator Panel, IPSwitchBoard) but of course has the nicest interface! :) Rounded windows, drag and drop contacts from outlook (don't complain it doesn't do Thunderbird because their drop format is not finished - I.E. if you turn the logging up to full and drop a contact with phone number info, I can add that program within 10 minutes). It can dial a number with one click, add to/join a conference, transfer calls, park calls, go to voicemail, perform speed dials etc all while controlling a SIP/ZAP/IAX phone.

The reason I wrote it is because at home I have a T1 CB -> 24 FXS -> phones and none of the phones I had at the time were particularly nice. Therefore this software is to provide all of the nice features that you get on an expensive phone, without spending any money (I was using it with a $5 phone).

So, what do I need from you? Well, basically I want to release this as Open Source (GPL) software and would prefer if I can get a few people to test it first (with whom I have email contact) so that when I really release it, it will be the most stable software only.

It requires Windows 9X or XP (tested in house on both) although with a little work should compile under Linux using mono. The only thing I think that will hold it back from compiling on Linux is the rounded windows, because it's a little bit of a hack to get that working on both 9X and XP in both 16-bit and 24-bit versions.

While I could have added IAX softphone facilities to it (I have developed IAX phones in the past), this is mainly geared towards use with a cheap/featureless phone.

So, if you'd like to help me out and beta test this (I would need lots of feedback) please contact me.


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