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Iaxclient-devel: Kiax 0.8.3 available

Author: Matt Riddell
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Emil Stoyanov has posted details of the latest release of Kiax:

Hi people,

A new version, 0.8.3, of the Kiax softphone (iaxclient + QT3.x) is available on sourceforge.

Here is a list of chages:

Kiax 0.8.3

  • German, French, Brasilian Portuguese and Polish Translations
  • Suppressed password in the log output
  • Option to skip selected registration but still able to dial with it
  • Save and restore of main window size and position
  • Re-design of the call handling routine
  • Better call register behavior
  • Added call timer to the call tab
  • Few cosmetic changes in the GUI
  • Some small bugs fixed
Project page:

Binaries download:

Sources download:

Comments, bug reports and feature requests are always welcome!



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