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*-biz: Beta of WebPhone IAX client Avaiable

Author: Matt Riddell
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Andres Gorostidi has posted details of a new IAX WebPhone client:


As mentionated some days ago on this list, we just developed a WebPhone client that would like to distribute for free for non-comercial use and even for small companies. We are still on the first basic implementation (based on iaxclient) of the phone, but it is already funtional and ready to be tested. However, please keep on mind this is a very early beta version. We are still working on the installation process (to obtain a better signature to the OCX control and deal with some problems installing on XP SP2 systems) and on some additional feautures.

Currently, the WebPhone automatically defaults to GSM codec. If GSM codec is not avaiable, it changes automatically to G711.

Our idea is to do a basic version (even with more feautures that this one) avaible for free, as far as it includes the (C) EuropeSIP and is not used by more that 250 users. If you want to remove that copyright from your site or use it for larger installations, we are open to reach any other agreement (even some collaboration agreement). We would do also personalized versions (skins) and provide support.

You can test the WebPhone at Please do not use yet on production systems, since we are still closing funtionality, escability and conditions of use. If we have sucess with this program, we would study to do a PocketPc version with a very economic licence fee (around 10-20 Euros). We would also open to include new codecs to the WebPhone if we observe that there is a significative demand of them.

I would appreciatte any feedback about this version. If you feel program is bad, let me known, please. If you think program is good, let me known too.... :-)

Please, let me known what feautures you would like to have included on new releases and if you think that the conditions of use stated before are fair enough.

Kind Regards,



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