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*-Users: DIAX 0.9.10f available for download

Author: Matt Riddell
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Dan has posted details of the release of the latest version of the DIAX softphone:

Hi all,

A new DIAX version 0.9.10f is available for download at one of the followind locations:

What's new in version 0.9.10f compared with the old 0.9.10a:

  • volume and mic levels saved in the config file
  • master and wave levels adjusted in the same time for the play device
  • better handling registration status when server name is used instead of server ip address
  • no more displaying 1 new message when Asterisk not configured for mailbox details
  • fixed ATCOM USB phone support
  • independent codec configuration for each registration server
  • use control chars in the dial string to automatically send some DTMF codes after dialing: '#' dial separator , 'p' pause 1s, 'h' hangup
  • accept URLs during a call and open that page in the default browser when a call is answered
  • fully support for the Eutectics and Yealink USB phones
  • redesigned Registration and Phonebook forms and operation
  • faster language change inside application
  • select the USB phone type in the GUI, not through command line switches
  • USB phone connected indication
  • USB phone menu not available if missing USB phone DLL
  • automatically set the USB audio if an USB phone is connected before the app startup
  • redesigned audio level display and volume adjustment
  • phonebook menu replaced with a button
  • no other files in the basic package, just the exe and the USB support DLLs
  • mic level adjustment
  • Mic and Speaker Mute buttons during a call
  • custom buttons for DTMF sequence send during a call
  • right click on memory buttons to edit them directly, even empty
  • Lithuanian and Polish language added
  • IAXCLIENT library version displayed in Help>About box
  • DTMF tones when using the keypad, instead of beeps
  • new ringtone for outgoing calls
  • debug file only 'technical' messages
  • directly dial from phonebook and shortcut buttons
  • separate dll's for USB support, if you do not have USB phone then you can delete them
  • DTMF & CallerID events (AND / OR based)
  • truncate at 7 chars for speed dials aliases(1-12)
  • taskbar icon flashing when in monitoring mode and minimized (yellow-idle/red-execution mode).

The web site and the help file are updated too.

As usual, I kindly ask you to send me your feedback and/or suggestions by mail or by leaving a message using application CallMe feature.

Thank you and best regards,



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