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*-Users: DIAX version 0.9.10a available for download

Author: Matt Riddell
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Dan has posted details of the latest version of his IAX softphone - DIAX - to the Asterisk-Users mailing list:

Dear all,

The new version of DIAX (0.9.10a) is ready to be downloaded.
The web site and the help file are updated too.

What's new comparing with 0.9.9g:

  • independent codec configuration for each registration server;
  • use control chars in the dial string to automatically send some DTMF codes after dialing:
  • '#' dial separator
  • 'p' pause 1s (long press on '*' key)
  • 'h' hangup (long press on '#' key)
  • accept URLs during a call and open that page in the default browser when the call is answered
  • fully support for the Yealink USB phone
  • redesigned Registration and Phonebook forms and operation;
  • redesigned audio level display and volume adjustment
  • phonebook menu replaced with a button;
  • no other files in the basic package, just the exe and the USB support DLL
  • mic level adjustment
  • Mic and Speaker Mute buttons during a call
  • custom buttons for Macros to send DTMF strings during a call;
  • the old call list file is replaced with the new one (old list is lost);
  • right click on memory buttons to edit them directly, even empty;
  • Lithuanian and Polish language added;
  • IAXCLIENT library version displayed in Help > About box
  • DTMF tones when using the keypad, instead of beeps
  • new ringtone for outgoing calls
  • no more 'technical' messages in the status bar...only in the debug file.
  • directly dial from phonebook and shortcut buttons (no need to press "DIAL")
  • all files in the executable (including ring and dll), except USB phone support, as separate DLL
  • separate dll's for USB support, if you do not have USB phone then keep just wiax.dll
  • DTMF & CallerID based events (AND / OR based)
  • up-to-date iaxclient library
  • add 'END' in the files sections to reduce handling time
  • truncate the name at 7 chars for the alias from the speed dials (1-12)
  • taskbar icon flashing when in monitoring mode and minimized (yellow-idle/red-execution mode)
  • new debug mode operation
Solved bugs:
  • sometimes corrupted FORM parameters in the config file make the application crash as startup
  • when using the FQDN for the server registration, the button does not goes to green
  • IAX native transfer broken because of the call timer
  • DIAX forms positioned outside the screen when the main form is at the screen margin
  • some calls contain wrong CIDName
  • during a call, accept DTMF tones as monitored events to trigger output commands
They are many shortcuts in this version.
The USB phone support is now isolated in separate DLLs (3 now, one in the near future).
If you do not need it, then diax.exe is all you have to get.
All other files are generated automatically if missing.

The ringfile is included in exe too (like wiax.dll), but you still can put your own as ringin.mid.

Still some minor things to be done before releasing 1.0, but in the mean time I need your help to fully test it.

It can be downloaded from one of the following locations:

If you have questions regarding the new and/or modified features, send me a mail.

Thank you again for your help and best regards,


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