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*-Users: Linux Bridge + QoS Shaper HOWTO available

Author: Matt Riddell
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Ron Senykoff has posted details of a HOWTO he has written:

I've created a pretty complete HOWTO on creating a Linux Bridge (using Fedora) to shape LAN <--> WAN traffic. It includes installation instructions, a script to configure the bridge (which you install as a service), and 2 scripts to configure the network interfaces using traffic control.


If anyone has any questions or feedback I'm very interested. This configuration has evolved over the past 6 months and is pretty tweaked. The highest priority traffic in my config, is of course, IAX2.


Ron Senykoff
Systems Architect / Developer
HarrisLogic Inc.
972-215-0488 x 3020
312-404-8745 (cell)


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