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*-Users: DIAX 0.9.9g - more features and higher stability

Author: Matt Riddell
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Hi all,

DIAX 0.9.9g is available for download (including the updated help file and web page) from the following locations:

What's new in 0.9.9g (from 0.9.9f):

  • during a call, accept DTMF tones as monitored events to trigger output commands
  • call timer on the phone display
  • Swedish language added
  • can run a command from the monitoring definition form, to test it
  • ENTER key validates all fields in the Registration form
  • you can select both preffered and accepted codecs
  • do not autoresize main form when receiving a call and monitoring activated
  • use /m switch to start DIAX minimized
  • saving only main form position, all others auto positioning relative to the main form
solved bugs:
  • crash when trying to dial without registration server defined
  • Config Audio form positioning issue
  • not saving the main form when closing the app from the systray
  • X10 send error if CM11/12 interface has some commands in the receiver buffer
  • error if trying to delete for the second time the log file
  • unexpected crashes when registered with IAXTEL and/or other remote servers
As usual, please send me your feedback.

Best regards,


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