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First Asterisk CVS commit from a plane!

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Kram (Mark Spencer) has committed the first CVS change to Asterisk from a plane. History has been made!

IRC Transcript:

11:57:00 <@kram> cvs commit from the plane
11:57:00 <@kram> i'm hard core
11:57:16 < ZX81> no way
11:57:18 < eKo1> the plane!?
11:57:21 < ZX81> thats awesome
11:57:29 < eKo1> i didn't know asterisk was that profitable
11:57:50 < ZX81> :-)
11:57:55 < eKo1> bastard
11:57:57 < ZX81> Asterisk - One
11:58:01 < ZX81> didn't you know?

CVS Entry:

[Asterisk-cvs] asterisk/channels chan_sip.c,1.629,1.630

Update of /usr/cvsroot/asterisk/channels
In directory

Modified Files:
Log Message:
Send 405 Method Not Allowed when message received outside of call (bug #3324, commited from within the plane to huntsville)


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