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*-biz: New 4-Port BRI card Sirrix.PCI4S0 with Asterisk support available

Author: Matt Riddell
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Oskar Senft has posted details of the 4-Port BRI card Sirrix.PCI4S0 with Asterisk support to the Asterisk-biz mailing list:

Sirrix AG security technologies presents 4-port BRI PCI-card with hardware switching and optional encryption. This card provides four S0-ports which can be connected to the public network (TE mode) or to any ISDN user device (NT mode). With the open-source software ASTERISK it can be used to build up highly scalable PBX systems. Moreover, Sirrix.PCI40 is able to encrypt ISDN links in real-time and thus, is a perfect choice for building crypto-gateways.

Saarbrücken, January, 3rd 2005. Today, Sirrix AG, Saarbrücken is offering a new 4-port ISDN PCI-card. Every port can be configured for be connected to the public network (TE-mode) or to any ISDN end-user device like telephones, facsimilies and modems (NT-mode). Together with the power supply module Sirrix.PS40V-A, Sirrix.PCI4S0 allows the direct power supply of all connected ISDN end-user devices by using the PC-internal power supply.
Sirrix.PCI4S0 which employs the Sirrix.PCM-bus provides a full switching of speech and data links with no delay even between different cards (hardware-switching of B-channels). Sirrix.PCI4S0 provides a comprehensive support for the open-source software PBX ASTERISK and integrates the full ISDN protocol stack. Thus, this hardware can be used to realize COTS-based, large-scalable Private Branch Exchange (PBX), providing much better properties than traditional PBX systems. Additional applications are Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateways and Least Cost Routers.

A Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) includes mechanisms for providing a full rate encryption of all channels without any delay. For more information on the encryption, contact

Sirrix.PCI4S0 can be ordered for 499,- EURO (+VAT) directly at Sirrix AG, Saarbrücken. More information can be found at the website

Pictures of the product are available at:

Short profile Sirrix AG

Sirrix AG is a spin-off of Saarland University which has been founded in 2000 by members of the chair for security and cryptography and has branches in Saarbrücken and Bochum. Their main fields of activity are protection of complex heterogeneous communication infrastructures and the design and development of cryptographic protocols and schemes.

The company considers itself on the edge between research and commercial application of security systems. Thus, many activities comprise feasibility studies and development of complex cryptographic protocols. Various cutting edge work has been done on devices for comprehensive ISDN and GSM encryption and prototypes of fully anonymous E-Voting and PDA-based, anonymous E-Cash systems.

Sirrix researcher have contributed to more than 30 significant scientific publications within the last two years, mainly in recognized international conferences and journals like Information Hiding, Milcom, Fast Software Encryption, Eurocrypt and others.

Major developments and research projects include security of integrated networks, cryptographic copyright protection and microkernel-based secure operating systems. Sirrix is member of the EU-funded research project and Network of excellence "The Future of Identity in the Information Society" (FIDIS).


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