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Asterisk-Users: RPMS for Fedora Core 2 now available

Author: Matt Riddell
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Andrew McRory has posted information on the RPMs of Asterisk for Fedora Core 2:

These packages have been compiled on a "bone stock with updates" Fedora Core 2 installation running a Pentium 4 1.8GHz processor and kernel-2.6.8-1.521. Check em out:


1) only CVS-STABLE (v1.0.2) includes the spandsp-0.0.1 patch
2) oh323, perl and prepaid package were compiled for v1.0.2.
3) CVS-HEAD is built using CVS-11.07.04 and includes addons, astcc, btp, gastman and iaxyprov, etc.

These packages are minimally tested to install and run without error but I have not tried them in production so feedback IS requested!! They should be at least as good as the other releases I've done, but please let me know your successes or failures where possible and pppplease email me directly if you do.

As always, enjoy 'em!


Andrew McRory - President/CTO
Linux Systems Engineers, Inc. -
Located in beautiful Tallahassee, Florida
Office 850-224-5737
Office 850-575-7213
Mobile 850-294-7567


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