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IOS iBat Apps Suite to control Asterisk servers

Author: Matt Riddell
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Aldo Bergamini has posted details of four new iOS apps for Asterisk:

Four newly released applications are available in the Apple App Store to drive your customer's Asterisk PBX. iBat Pro, iBat User, iBat Access and the free iBat Setup run on any IOS device, see more at:

They cover a wide range of basic needs, always making it easy for users to do what they need:

  • to act as their convenient 'BLF sidecar' to originate calls: without limits to the number of targeted extensions.
  • to let the user get the called party's phone number from the iPhone's contact list, choose the outgoing line and originate calls with ease from his/her Asterisk extension
  • to keep track of calls originated to an external destination (a quick way to keep a lively one touch phone numbers list)
  • to monitor their own extension, even when away from the desk
  • to monitor a centrally managed, per user defined list of extensions, with far more information about the state than a colored LED
  • they offer a clean and simple call transfer interface, far beyond what even the most advanced phones can do - perform a transfer to external destinations choosing the outgoing line in a flash
Further, both iBat Pro as well as iBat User offer a mix of advanced ways to originate calls:

The Operator Access function lets users bypass the PBX operator to get connected to any Asterisk extension, saving time and with ease of knowing when to call (the allowed extensions state is displayed in real time, thus avoiding to call somebody who's already on the phone). [iBat Pro] [iBat User]

The BLF Callback function acts as the Operator Access, but lets Asterisk call the user's iPhone, as opposed to the automated call from the iPhone to any phone line served by Asterisk. [iBat Pro]

Again iBat Pro offers a way ('Callback Dialer') to place double originated calls to any external destination; Asterisk thus bridges the connection to the iPhone on one line to the destination over a second channel. This can be used for many purposes (from keeping the user's mobile phone number private, to saving money using convenient operators from the PBX).

Finally the purposely inexpensive iBat Access app makes the Operator Access functionality available to external calling partners, people not directly served by Asterisk (they have no extension, but do just call the PBX from the public network). This is a way to bring preferred business partners closer to a company, by letting them see when the desidered callee is available and thus getting a quick connection bypassing the operator with ease from their iPhone.

Come have a look at the iBat apps suite directly on the Apple App Store:
iBat Setup
iBat Pro
iBat User
iBat Access
Or come see more information on our website:

Aldo Bergamini


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