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Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd. becomes first carrier to join Bicom Systems Service Providers Listings

Author: Matt Riddell
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Bicom Systems' have sent us a press release detailing their new service provider:

LONDON (October 27, 2004) - Bicom Systems announced today that on October 26, 2004 it has introduced its first service provider, Magrathea Telecommunications Ltd, into its unique offering of service providers lists. The Service Providers List is to list all service providers whose services will be setup automatically in PBXware and SWITCHware products. Services' auto configuration will encourage an even wider range of audience to use VOIP and IP PBX technologies.

"Magrathea is the first Service Provider that can be set-up automatically just by "point and click," said Stephen Wingfield, Bicom Systems' President, "This step is significant because it demonstrates that the established players in the Industry wish to promote their services actively through PBXware and SWITCHware."

"PBXware and SWITCHware solutions from Bicom Systems will reduce the support issues for Service Providers such as ourselves and further promote our services. It would appear that now almost anyone can have a full Telephony Solution for a few hundred pounds." said Linus Surguy, Magrathea's Technical Director.

Bicom Systems expects to soon announce the introduction of other Service Providers. This will allow integrators and in turn End-Users an instant choice of competitive services from around the world such as Trunk routing, termination, DID, origination. Bicom Systems also expects to be shortly announcing agreements with key user agent manufacturers so that IP phones, ATAs etc. may be auto-configured for each user.

The PBXware and SWITCHware between them provide the following:

CRM, Billing, CMS, Shopping Cart

Users Web Interface and self provisioning

User agents auto provisioning

Conferences, ACD, Auto Attendants, Music-on-Hold, Voicemail, DIDs, Call Recording and Monitoring, CDR

Vertical services (Call Forwarding, Do not Disturb, Call Blocking, Ring Back etc.)

Service Providers Auto Configuration

Unlimited number of servers in local or network mode(s)

Least cost routing for E164 or custom routes with or without time based dialling

Local, Network or Inter-Networks modes

PSTN and VoIP Trunks

Unlimited Service Plans

Service Specific Servers

Support for SIP, IAX, H323, SS#7, BRI, PRI

Support for GSM, G.711, ADPCM, ILBC, SPEEX, G729, G723

Redundancy and monitoring mechanisms

For full details on Bicom Systems products please visit

About Magrathea
The Magrathea group of companies was established in 1995 to provide a wide range of world class telecommunication solutions to match the needs of the telecommunication industry. The company has its own switching facilities based within the London Docklands area, including Telehouse and Global Switch, giving it access to virtually unlimited capacity and bandwidth and access to the best carriers in the world. Its technology is entirely developed in house but draws upon industry standards such as Compact PCI, Unix, Windows, H.323, SS#7 and Euro-ISDN and utilises industrial strength components for ultimate carrier grade reliability. It offers complete VoIP solutions based on SIP, IAX and H.323. Packages vary from call termination services providing competitive A-Z rates, gateway services (such as providing UKnumbers to SIP clients) or complete packages including hardware and call termination all in one.

About Bicom Systems
Bicom Systems is a provider of PBX and soft switch turn key solutions with a presence in the United States and the European Union and supported by a network of resellers across the world. Its solutions allow easy deployment, maintenance and control of a wide range of telephony solutions. The company leads the industry in simplifying of the use of Asterisk ( , open source PBX) and intends to play a key role in promoting the benefits of Asterisk to users who otherwise may not become involved. For more information about Bicom Systems, please visit

For more information, please contact:

Stephen Wingfield
1-212-400-7921 ext 2244555


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