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So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Author: Matt Riddell
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Kevin Fleming is moving on! Sorry it has taken me so long to post this article as I have been preparing to move from New Zealand to Orlando, Florida for 3 months. The fact that Kevin is departing will be a great loss to the Asterisk community.

I remember when Kevin first appeared on the scene with Asterisk, pointing out a multitude of problems with the way things were done in Asterisk. At first everyone was pretty pissed that someone would come in and complain so much, but Kevin followed his complaints with solutions. Something so rarely done in an Open Source project.

He will be dearly missed by the Asterisk community for having brought so much professionalism to the Asterisk project and for having given Digium a strong direction with software development.

Here's his post sent to the Asterisk Developer's mailing list:

I've been with Digium for just over seven years, and it's been an incredible experience that I wouldn't have traded for anything. When Mark Spencer invited me to visit Digium (and Huntsville) in early 2005, I could not have dreamed that I'd end up working for such an exciting, innovative company, finding a wife, and meeting hundreds of people (many of whom are now friends) around the world. It's been a time of tremendous personal and career growth, and my wonderful colleagues at Digium and in the Asterisk open source community have been directly responsible for most of that.

Recently, though, I've been presented an opportunity to take on a new challenge and this has resulted in my acceptance of a new job, in a new industry. In the middle of September, I'll start working for Bloomberg, L.P., in the Office of the CTO, helping to lead their nascent open source initiative. I'll be working to bring the power of open source software, open standards, and community building to the financial market data services industry, where it is sorely needed (and overdue). Michelle and I will be relocating to the greater New York City area, but Michelle will continue in her role as Digium's in-house counsel. Because of our need to relocate, I'll only be at Digium until August 8th, although I'll be in Huntsville until around Labor Day.

This is yet another incredibly exciting, career changing opportunity in my life, and I can't wait to see what it will bring. I'll be forever thankful for the opportunity that Digium and the Asterisk community provided me to learn, grow and find the place where my skills and experience are the most valuable (to both myself and my employer).

Kevin P. Fleming
Digium, Inc. | Director of Software Technologies

David Duffet has posted on the subject too

It's amazing what you can learn in a few days...

Having just found out that Queen Elizabeth has a great sense of humor, it has now emerged that Kevin Fleming - a man who (both with and without his moustache) has been an amazing contributor and influencer in the Asterisk project is set to move on to a new challenge outside the project - but still within the realms of Open Source.

Kevin has been involved with Asterisk for 7+ years, and has been both a thought leader and a powerful voice in the Asterisk world during that time. I first met Kevin at a TMC event called VoIP Developer in California (old school, well before the days of IT Expo), where he was speaking about Asterisk as well as helping to man the Digium booth at the event.

I've also followed Kevin around Berlin looking for great gelato during the AstriCon Europe 2006 tour - and it was well worth it, that man knows his gelato!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to Kevin for his enormous contribution to the Asterisk Project. Without his efforts, Asterisk would not be the success it is today... Anyway, back to main theme - when someone in a senior role like Kevin moves on, it is important that others are there to pick up his responsibilities and move the project forward.

As it turns out, we've already been working on this, and have some very talented people that will be taking up the key responsibilities of the project going forward.

Some of them have been involved with Asterisk for several years, and some are recent additions, but together they form a great team to lead Asterisk into the future.

Matt Jordan has assumed the project leader role for Asterisk, and is responsible for managing the releases of Asterisk, as well as all of the development efforts within Digium.

Mark Michelson is serving as the Technical Lead for the project, responsible for architecture and design direction.

We have also recently created the role of Community Support Manager, which Rusty Newton has filled. Rusty is a long time Digium employee with many years supporting Asterisk and Digium products, and will be the day to day interface for community technical issues.

As you know, I recently joined Digium to look after the interests of the worldwide Open Source Asterisk community and I will therefore also be working alongside the good people identified above, especially Rusty.

So while we wish Kevin all the best as he moves on, we are also confident that the good work he and the rest of the team have done continues to be in the best hands going forwards.

To the future...


David Duffett
Digium, Inc. Director, Worldwide Asterisk Community


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