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Certified Asterisk (SLA Supported GPL Code)

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Malcolm Davenport has written a post about a new branching system for an SLA supported Open Source branching system for people who want super stable LTS releases of Asterisk.

Excerpt from his post:

Some users want the latest and greatest Asterisk. Theyíve got a particular bug fix theyíre keen about and they donít want to mess around applying patches. If youíre this type of user, youíll get the fix for your issues, and generally other peopleís fixes, in the monthly point release.

Some users really want it tested. They donít care about anyone elseís bug fixes, except their own. In fact, they really donít want anyoneís bug fixes but their own. That could break something. And when something breaks, Hulk gets angry. And when Hulk gets angry, well, you donít want to make Hulk angry.

Some users want additional functionality that canít be part of the canonical release. Digium phones required all kinds of changes to Asterisk 1.8, and 10, and changes to support even more phone functionality will continue. That, of course, runs counter to the Asterisk release policy of not adding new features once a release branch is made.

To address all of these different needs, weíve cooked up a plan that, we hope, will satisfy most of the people, most of the time. For the first group of users (lots of bug fixes, frequent releases)? Stop reading. Youíre all set; the world remains exactly the same.



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