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Asterisk Queues Tutorial updated - Hot-Desking without Agent Channels

Author: Matt Riddell
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Matt King has posted an updated Asterisk Queues tutorial:


Just to let you know, our popular tutorial on setting up Asterisk for call centres has been updated. The tutorial covers everything from initial Asterisk installation to full call centre configuration with dynamic login and hot-desking support for agents.

The old version of the tutorial used Agent Channels (e.g. Agent/1001) to distribute calls to agents through the Queue() application. These have been deprecated since Asterisk 1.4, and the AgentCallbackLogin function is not supported as of Asterisk 1.6

The new version of our tutorial shows you how to achieve the same functionality (and more) with Local Channels, which are the recommended replacement for Agent Channels.

So, if you are setting up Asterisk for call centre use, or if you are currently using Agent Channels and want to maintain your upgrade path, please take a look at and find out how it's done.

Thanks for reading.

Matt King, CEO Orderly Software.


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