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AstriCon Videos and Presentations: First batch is online

Author: Matt Riddell
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John Todd has posted links to the first videos and presentations from Astricon:

This year we recorded quite a few of the AstriCon sessions - 3 out of the 4 tracks were video taped. The folks at TMC then went through a fairly painstaking process of synchronizing the video presentations to the slide decks that each presenter provided, so we have an index-able and fast-forward-able version of each talk. I'm really excited about this video presentation method, since it's possible for the viewer to move back and forth in the video and see the complete slide presentation as well. We have the first handful of videos ready for viewing, and here they are:

We also have the vast majority of the presentations available for download as well. Go to this page for the presentation grid:

...and click on the name of the topic you're interested in on the grid. If we have a copy of the talk, it will start to download to you. If your talk isn't there, contact me with a copy of your slides in PPT or PDF format.

I'd like to hear from people on what they think of the videos. We have a number of additional videos of the remaining video/slide presentations to be post-produced and put on the site, and we'll get those published as soon as it's possible. This is the first year we're trying this format. I'm hoping that these videos will be used to further people's understanding of Asterisk, to convince others that Asterisk can do what they want, and to encourage people to attend AstriCon to meet with and talk to some of the people that make this project so powerful, useful, and exciting to be a part of.

PS: I, personally, had some glitches with synchronization issues between the video and slides. I suspect this is a local problem with my somewhat-bizarre network config, but I'd like to hear back from any of you who notice incomplete video and audio experiences. Include your ISP, country, and general problem description and we'll try to smooth the issues out with some better problem descriptions.


John Todd
Digium, Inc. | Asterisk Open Source Community Director


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