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First Look: Jabra Go 6470 Wireless Headset System

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Cory Andrews has a great article on a cool new headset system.

Excerpt from the article:

At a retail price point of $319.95, the new Jabra Go 6470 features a range of audio kung fu to deliver optimum call clarity and hearing protection, regardless of what type of phone you are using, mobile, desk or softphone. The Jabra Go 6470 boasts high definition sound capabilities and digitally enhanced speech to deliver crystal clear calls ensuring both parties are able to hear clearly, minimizing disruptions.

The Jabra Go 6470 also features Jabraís Noise Blackout(TM) Technology, which reduces ambient sound without compromising voice quality, providing the perfect balance between noise elimination and the delivery of a natural sounding voice.

The ChromisInc blog has some more information:

Last week I told you about Jabra giving you a sneak peek into the future? Well Cory Andrews over at VoIP Supply gives us the first look at the Jabra 6470, a multiuse headset for your mobile (cell), desk (such as Polycom) and softphone (such as eyeBeam). You can seamlessly switch among the three with an easy to use touch screen. Extended Bluetooth provides the user with a 300 ft wireless range and up to 6 hours of talk time. The price comes in around $320.


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