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3rd Party App Licensing for Asterisk: How can we do it

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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The VoIP-Insider blog has a post which details some discussions that took place on the Asterisk conference call regarding using the g729 licensing system to provide access to third party Asterisk applications.

Excerpt from the post:

On Friday, May 9th, I was involved in the weekly VoIP Users Community Conference on Talkshoe, organized by Randulo. The topic for this week, “3rd Party App Licensing: How can we do it?”, was organized by Dean Collins of Cognation.

Digium has a licensing, sales and fulfilment mechanism in place for their G.729 codec, and one of the goals of this call was to discuss the mechanics of Digium’s licensing schema, and determine if this vehicle might be suitable for 3rd party application developers to sell and license Asterisk related plug-ins such as Snap Dialer.


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