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Astlinux-users: Sound (ALSA) support is coming

Author: Matt Riddell
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Kris has posted details on some support for oss and alsa for AstLinux:

Hello everyone,

Carla Schroder brought up a good point - AstLinux cannot talk to sound cards!

I have used aplay to pipe in MOH from Line-In, etc sources before and that has worked well. I just have never had to do it on AstLinux. Today Carla was trying to figure out how to get chan_oss/chan_alsa to work. No go. I decided to do something about it. The Gumstix buildroot included makefiles for alsa-lib and alsa-util. All I had to do with bump the version, tweak the makefiles, and update a couple of patches. Big thanks to Craig and the everyone else in the Gumstix community. Sharing is caring :) ! This support has been included in trunk, and should work for any of the AstLinux target architectures/devices.

I have not yet updated the kernel configs to support ALSA hardware. I'm pretty out of touch with what sound hardware people have out there these days. Which modules should I include?

I'm thinking the various USB sound adapters and the VIA stuff that is included on the mini-itx boards. What other sound adapters would you like to see supported in AstLinux?

Kristian Kielhofner


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