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*-dev: Management of branches, bug fixes, etc.

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Kevin has posted details of the new managements of bug fixes:

Now that the projects have 1.4 branches, the policies for handling merging and bug fixes will change slightly, so it is important that every developer with commit access read this message and understand what to do.

Starting with this release, we are going to maintain full support for the next-oldest release, which in this case means we will continue applying bug fixes (even minor ones) to the 1.2.x branch, as well as the 1.4.x branch. This means that _ALL_ bug fixes that apply to 1.2 must be committed there first, then merged up to 1.4, then up to trunk. The merge properties on the branches have been set up to support this, and Tilghman has been kind enough to put shell scripts in the repotools repository to make this process easy and painless. I would highly suggest obtaining those scripts and learning how to use them, since they will reduce the chances of making silly mistakes. He is also considering producing a similar script to ease the process of merging developer branches back into main-line branches.

And with that... SVN trunk is now open season :-) Have at it, have fun, merge all the cool stuff you've been waiting to merge (assuming it passes code review of course), and let's make the next release even better!


Kevin P. Fleming
Senior Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.


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