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NuFone Announces the Creation of a New Executive Management, Support Team

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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JerJer has pointed us towards a press release about the new management and support team at NuFone.


NuFone Inc., a premium-service provider specializing in hosted SIP and IAX VoIP solutions, is proud to announce the creation of a new executive management and support team.

NuFone, the world's first commercial provider of IAX-based VoIP services, announced today the creation of a new management and support team to further solidify its dedication to providing reliable VoIP solutions to carrier, enterprise and residential environments.

Composed of 5 executive team members, who are highly experienced in the areas of business, sales and support, will provide the necessary leadership to properly manage NuFone.

"In the past, NuFone always had trouble properly managing and supporting our customer's needs. It has always been my goal to form a proper team to deliver the support our customers demand," Jeremy McNamara, founder and CTO of NuFone, said. "By listening to our customers, we were able to determine our weaknesses and have formed a proper team to bring NuFone to the next level."


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