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*-dev: Recent additions to the Digium Asterisk development team

Author: Matt Riddell
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Kevin Fleming has posted details of the new staff at Digium:

Some of you may have noticed some new people with '' email addresses lately... yes, we have been hiring to expand our Asterisk development team and I should have made an official announcement some time ago :-)

Joshua Colp joined our development team a few months ago. Josh (file on IRC/Mantis) has been working on Asterisk development for quite some time and had contributed many features and bug fixes as a volunteer community member, along with being very active on the IRC channels and issue tracker.

Steve Murphy joined our development team at the beginning of June. Steve (murf on IRC/Mantis) had rewritten Asterisk's expression parser and the AEL language parser as a volunteer community member, along with various other bug fixes and improvements.

Jason Parker joined our development team at the beginning of this week. Jason (qwell on IRC/Mantis) has been maintaining the chan_skinny driver for Cisco SCCP phones as well acting as a bug marshal and fixing various bugs in Asterisk for the past year or more.

Russell Bryant has been a Digium part-time employee and an active Asterisk maintainer since before I got involved with Asterisk :-) His contributions are innumerable, and he has worked far more than the 'ten to twenty hours per week' he claims to have available outside of his school work! Russell (russellb on IRC/Mantis) will be joining us full time in Huntsville after the winter semester is complete, when he expects to graduate.

Please join me in welcoming all these new members of our development team; they are helping to make Asterisk (and our other software products) better every day and will enable us to accelerate our products into the future.


Kevin P. Fleming
Senior Software Engineer
Digium, Inc.


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