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*-users: New GTK Gui for Monitoring and Administration

Author: Matt Riddell
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j has posted details of a new GUI for Asterisk:


I sincerely apologize if this is an inappropriate use of this mailing list.

I would like to announce a new software package intended to extend the functionality of Asterisk and ease daily maintenance and administration. The package is called Asterisk Manager Suite (AMS) and contains the following software:

A C library which acts as an abstraction layer to make the communication between applications and Asterisk's Manager Interface easier.

A Proxy daemon for Asterisk's Manager Interface that does several things including:

  • Implementing nearly all commands available through the Manager Interface (and adds a couple commands of it's own)
  • Providing a 3 tiered permission system which limits which events are seen and which commands are executable by clients
  • Maintaining statistics on agents and queues which are then optionally propagated as events to clients and/or saved in a DB file for later reporting
  • Translation of Asterisk events and commands between XML and Asterisk native format
A GTK GUI application which acts as a front-end for the proxy server allowing admins to monitor and administrate dynamic configuration of the server (i.e. NOT the config files), originate calls, manage the internal database of Asterisk, etc. Managers (non-technical staff) also have limited abilities to manage people, monitor queues, view statistics, etc.

The GTK GUI has been ported to windows as well, binaries are available.

The suite's original design is geared toward corporate environments with call centers, but could be used for other purposes.

The entire suite is released under the GPL.

More information, screenshots and downloads can be found at:

Again, please excuse this post if this is an inappropriate use of this mailing list.




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