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Asterisk-Users: Test new Asterisk features in development

Author: Matt Riddell
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Olle has posted an update on the testing branch:

In Sweden, where I live, it's snowing like crazy. The Stockholm area is covered in white stuff and there's really no reason to leave the computer and get out anywhere. More white stuff is coming down all the time. Boring. I am sure your weekend is no better - rain, snow or just another boring sunny day.

Let's find something cool to do during this weekend!

Join the cool crowd that tests the test branch during evenings and weekends. The dudes and dudettes that proudly contributes by reporting everything from simple spelling errors to crashes and strange noices from their Asterisk boxes. The people who knows what is going on in the Asterisk development circles - the Asterisk Test Team!

I've updated the test branch to the latest version of my SIP peermatch code. This is quite a large code change, but not as large a functional change. However, it changes some basic functionality:

  • The sip_user structure is gone
  • Incoming calls are matched first by user from: name, then peer From: name, then IP.
  • Friends are now *one* in-memory object.
In most cases, this means you can change type=friend to type=peer for local phones on the same LAN. This will also improve SIP subscriptions (blinking lights) and call limits, since for both friends and peers, we now have *one* object in memory that handles the limit for both incoming and outgoing calls.

During the week, I've also added a few other patches by other contributors.

Read the README.test-this-branch here

** PLEASE help the community, please test this branch.

Check it out like this

svn checkout branch test-trunk

Then cd into test-trunk and run "make" then "make install"

Report any bugs in the proper open bug in the bug tracker. If you like new functions, add a comment that this works for you. Provide feedback, make our work easier.

Run "svn update" from time to time to get the latest version. Any changes from trunk will be merged into this code. Read the README.test-this-branch file to get more information.

Thank you for your help!


PS. Obviously, this is test code, not recommended to be closer than 2 miles (20 kilometers) from your production servers.


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