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*-biz: VoIP Providers ignore FCC E911 order

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Trixter has posted a link to an article from vonmag:

-- The 3rd paragraph seems most interesting to me --

Some VoIP service providers say they will continue to market their offerings to prospective customers in areas that are not outfitted to provide enhanced 911 capabilities, despite the passing of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deadline that requires E911 for all service areas. Companies ignoring the FCC requirements risk heavy fines.

Under the FCC mandate, VoIP providers shouldn't be marketing their service to customers in non-E911 areas; initially, the FCC wanted to force providers to stop service to existing customers as well as stop marketing. According to media accounts, companies such as 8x8 are waiting for the FCC to respond to their final E911 filings due on the November 28th compliance deadline so they can get clarity on what service will suffice until they can implement a full E911 solution.

A few research firms believe the FCC will not enforce strict compliance with the order so long as VoIP providers demonstrate forward progress in ultimately meeting the E911 service requirements. And the FCC may intentionally take its time in getting around to handing out fines because of Congressional interest in the matter. Bi-partisan groups of Senators and Representatives have expressed their concerns in a rush to implement E911 due to the lack of staff support and potential for "competitive third-parties" - ILECs - to intentionally hinder the implementation of E911.


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