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First Update From Astricon!!!

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Question 1: How has it been so far?

Great! The energy is really good and it's exciting to see the community get together. There are people from all over the world all here with a common interest. Supporting Open Source Telephony.

Question 2: What have you seen today?

Skipped around through a couple presentations. Saw JTodd's intro to asterisk. He is a very good public speaker and did a great job giving an overview. I brought my boss with me to give him more Asterisk knowledge, in hopes that we can begin implementing more applications at our office. John's presentation was perfect for him and he walked away today saying
that was his favorite.

Checked out ACD/Call center application from Aheeva. This was a good application but it's taking a parallel path from Asterisk. They have some talented developers there and I wish they would have put more effort into improving Asterisk rather than forking. The ACD application needs some work and I was hoping to hear more about that in this presentation.

Next I heard Matt from Digium talk about supporting Asterisk and Digium gear. He was very energetic and it was nice to get a peak into Digium's world.

Wrapped up with bkw_ and twisted's insight into some of the cool new apps in Asterisk. They talked alot about res_odbc and res_perl. Great applications for creating standards across multiple systems and cleaning up the flat files. Also jumped into valet_parking. This session was packed with people.

Wish I could have been in multiple sessions at the same time, but maybe they will be made available to us on video somehow.

Question 3: How many people are there?

I heard estimations of 300? I would guess that would be right.

Question 4: Have there been any announcements yet?

Nothing that I have heard. Mark's keynote is tomorrow morning. Maybe something then?

One side note... It's good to see broadvoice here in full support.

They have taken a beating in the asterisk community at times but they are starting to see the light with supporting Asterisk. I'm glad they came out and brought some key people. I had a good conversation with a couple of them today and they are very interested in making sure Asterisk users are happy. This wasn't my impression in the past.



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