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Astricon Has Begun! Meetme Details

Author: Matt Riddell
Daily Asterisk News
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Astricon is the Asterisk Conference in Atlanta. There is going to be a conference call bringing in people from around the world to the developers meeting on Friday from 9am - 4pm EST.

You can connect via:

; normal usage until it is abused with MOH!

; if you plan to link in your own MeetMe use this
IAX2/|qm ; Monitor only and be quiet!

Then to truly experience Asterisk's power, join the same conference...

...Using SIP:

...and using H.323:

However, you can also call 877-677-9648 using room number 4569 to get into
the same conference, if you are not 'leet enough to have any VoIP skills.

Ok, an italian link to nufone astricon conf room
is up & running.

Connect it to:




The first one is to listen & speak. The second one is to listen only, use that if you wanna listen, perhaps with a speakerphone, in order to not send any noise and/or echo.


you can connect gsm/g726/alaw or ilbc

server is in NL


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